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Meet our friendly and knowledgeable team, here to guide and support you every step of the way.


Pete Camwell & Ketan Dusara
Managing Directors

Personal Trainers

Simona (Fit By Simona)
Personal Trainer, Nutritionist & Online Coach

I have a proven track record when it comes to helping you gain muscle and educating you on how to lose body fat in order to get the results that you want. I also specialise in nutrition coaching and personal training programmes tailored to your individual needs.

Lauren Seale (JOURNEE Coaching)
Personal Trainer - Fat Loss Coach

I am a qualified personal trainer, fitness coach and well-being. My passion is to help people change their lives and relationship with their self in the simplist and most realistic way possible. Remember getting fit and healthy doesn't have to be difficult but as we know sometimes it is so, I'm here to help you reach your fitness and health goals through delivering programmess that are meaningful to you and your needs. I got you!

What seems impossible today will one day become your warm up (unknown)

Emily (Bodied By Emily)
Personal Trainer & Online Coach

Hi! My name is Emily, im 20, I am both a personal trainer at Hiitness Gym & online coach @zoandemfit, Specialising in building muscle, body confidence and creating a balanced, healthy & HAPPY lifestyle.

Gemma (GRI-PT)
Personal Trainer, Pre & Post Natal Trained, Pole Dancing Instructor

My name's Gemma, Personal Trainer & genuine believer in fun, functional & fulfilling fitness.  It is my belief that working up a smile is as important as working up a sweat and that self-care, self-improvement & celebrating what you can do as well as what you can see is the key to keeping fit & thriving...

Connor (CH PT & Rehab)
Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist

Experienced personal trainer and sports massage therapist with expertise in cupping therapy for injury rehabilitation and sports performance.

Dan (Coach Poulter)
Strength & Condtioning Coach & Personal Trainer

Working with a range of clients, on a individual or group basis, providing personal training, exercise classes, consultations, programmes, technique coaching and advice on all areas of strength & conditioning and sport psychology.

Benny James
Personal Trainer, Online Coach, Strength & Conditioning Specialist & Nutritionist

Helping people achieve thier desired physiqe whilst improving thier health & well being.

Jordan Taylor Coaching
PT, Online Coach, Nutrition

I help men and women achieve their fitness goals without the fuss🎯
Ready to start seeing results?

Trained by Oliwia
Personal Trainer

I care deeply about my clients, and there’s nothing of more value to me than helping somebody go through an experience that makes them happy, confident, and strong. I realize how being unhealthy affects many aspects of your life, and I want to be there for you and help you discover the benefits and joys of training that helped me become the person I am today. I’m here to be your personal guide on every step of the journey.


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Full name
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